Colossus - Battle Map Features


This document describes a few of the current features on the battle maps for Colossus. Many of these resulted simply because Colossus is on a Computer.

There are a few options on the Main playing window (called the "MasterBoard") that have direct effects on the battle map. See: Client side preferences page with attention to:


The Battle map consists 5 main areas (From Top to Bottom):

The different areas are described in detail in the sections below.


The title shows 6 bits of Information:
  1. Which player "owns" the Battle map. If more than one Human is playing hotseat style at this computer, this is one easy way to differentiate which board belongs to whom.
  2. The name of the Legion doing the attacking
  3. The CodeName for that Legion (used in saved game files and logs)
  4. The name of the Legion defending
  5. The CodeName for that Legion (used in saved game files and logs)
  6. The number of the hex on the MasterBoard.

Phase Menu

If it is your turn you can:

Info Bar

On the Left end is a "Done" button. It is identical to the Done action on the Menu.

On the Right end is the current Phase. If it is not your turn/phase you'll see the name of the current player listed in parenthesis before the current Phase.

In Colossus there are 5 Phases to a Battle on each turn for each player:

In the middle is a chart showing the Current turn. On the current players battle map the current turn will have a Red border. On the other players screen it will be grey. Turn(s) where the Defender can recruit will have a "+" symbol. If the battle advances to the "Loss" turn, the attacker is automatically eliminated by "Time Loss".

Battle Area

In the Upper Right corner is listed the type of land.
In the center is the BattleLand.
Depending on from which side the attacker enters the land on the MasterBoard, his creatures will enter the battle map on that corresponding long side, according to the rules. The marker for that legion (stack) will be displayed near that side. At the opposite short side will be the marker for the defenders legion. His creatures will now enter the battle on this side of the board. (Exception: In some battlelands the defender will start in a special position. For example the defenders will instead start on the Tower in the Tower battleland.) The attacker will enter the side near his marker. The markers will be highlighted with a red border when there are creatures ready to be moved onto the battleland. Damage taken by creatures will be displayed in red text. Dying creatures will be crossed by a red X. When striking, the roll required to make a successful hit on an enemy creature is displayed by a small red die. Adjustments to the number of dice rolled is shown by green text on a split red and blue die.

Dice Tray

The last set of dice rolled along with the threshold for a successful hit are displayed in the tray at the bottom of the Map. Successful hits are depicted in red dice, misses are in blue.

This display area has now a scrollbar, so you can scroll back to review earlier dice rolls.

Created December 2007, reflecting the state of Colossus at this time.
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