The Variant Pack

How do I use a Variant Pack ?

Just use the Load External Variant button and open the XML-based VAR file inside the variant directory, then start a new game. That should be enough. Alternatively, many variants are now supplied in the standard distribution ; simply use the pop-up menu to select which variant to play ( Default is the Classic Titan ruleset).

What's in a Variant Pack ?

A Variant Pack should be a directory (folder) containing: The various files are either XML-based or Java code, and at the moment there is no proper description of the formats. Sorry.

How do I create a Variant Pack ?

There's no user-friendly way yet. The easiest way is to build the directory and copy the default files in it, then you can change them with any text editor. Warning: almost no sanity checks are performed, and some combinations might give strange and/or unexpected results, particurly in Battlelands (slope next to a tree, or cliff between two bogs...). Also, ensuring consistency between the files is up to the variant author. Battlelands can also be created using the graphical tool BattlelandsBuilder . There may be an easier (read: graphical) way later for CRE , TER and MAP files, but don't hold your breath, as nobody is working on it yet.

You can also use other variants as examples:

Frequently Asked Questions