The Colossus Battlelands Builder

1 BattlelandsBuilder

BattlelandsBuilder is a (crude) tool to interactively create Battlelands for use with the " Colossus " Game. It has the same requirements as Colossus itself, see README and Colossus build-HOWTO .
To create the program, just type "ant bbjar". See the Colossus build-HOWTO . for more details. This should create the BattlelandsBuilder.
You can use it directly, starting from a bare plains hex, or you can give a pre-existing Battlelands as a starting point by loading the previous Battlelands with the File menu.
Editing is point-and-click : click in the middle of an hex to get a popup-menu to change the type and elevation of the hex ; click near the border of an hex to get a popup-menu to change this border of this hex (warning: beware slope or wall who can easily be put on the wrong hex, as there's not much visual clue of their orientation).
If at least on hex is selected (surrounded by red), that means the terrain use a startlist, i.e. custom entry hexes for the defender (like the Tower in regular Titan). If no hexes are selected, normal rules apply.
The "File" Menu:
The "Special" Menu:

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