The Colossus Battlelands Randomizer

1 BattlelandsRandomizer

BattlelandsRandomizer is a (very crude) tool to randomly create Battlelands for use with the " Colossus " Game. It has the same requirements as Colossus itself, see Colossus README and Colossus build-HOWTO .
To create the program, just type "make tools" or "ant tools". See Building Colossus for more details. This should create all the tools for Colossus, including BattlelandsRandomizer.
BattlelandsRandomizer uses an input file that describes the properties of the future Battleland, and generates one random Battleland. At the moment, it's a purely static, text-based process.
The Randomizer used can also be accessed from inside BattlelandsBuilder , in a much more user-friendly way. An input file (described below) is still needed.
Examples of random input files can be found in the "Random" subdirectory.
Properties are lines of one of the three forms:
  1. AREA <list_of_hex> HAZARDS <list_of_hazards>
  2. LABEL <label> = <list_of_hex>
  3. PAIR <pair_of_hazard> HEXSIDES <list_of_hexsides >
BattlelandsRandomizer will then, for each AREA , try to put the Hazard in any one of the Hexes in the AREA . A Hex will not receive two hazards, but if a Hex is present multiple times in the same AREA , it may receive one Hazard per occurence of the Hex. In this case, only the last Hazard is used.
AERA s are processed in order, so an Hex that appears in multiple AREAS may also receive multiple Hazards. In this case only the last Hazard is used.
Note that all hexsides use the same PAIR -defined probability. Only the last PAIR statement is used for a given pair. For this purpose, all elevations including * are different. The more specific statement will be used (i.e. (s,0)(p,0) will be used instead of (s,*)(p,*) for the hexside between a 0-height Sand and a 0-height Plains).
Finally, you can give the random maps a title and a subtitle